Centrifugal Blower        

These are used for exhaust gases, pneumatic coneying, room pressurisation, material handling recirculation, dust collection and gases exhaust.

Types : These fans are available in different types. Limit Load Fan 1. Single inlet single width 2. Double inlet double width 3. Material wheel type 4. Paddle wheel.

  Turbine Blower        

These blowers consist of a dynamically balanced impeller which revolves in a stator - cum - compression chamber having very fine clearances between them. The impeller is fitted directly on to the motor shaft. Both the suction and pressure openings are located on the outer periphery of the stator to reduce impedance to the air flow thereby developing vacuum and pressure. Since the impeller rotates with no cantact between itself and the casing, there is no wear and tear and requires no lubrication.

  Rotary Positive Blower        

Rotary Positive Blowers are approved by leading consultants confirming to BS : 1571 Impellers are machined on imported milling machine from one piece fine grain iron castings. Strong Shafts of high carbon Steel are carefully turned and fitted into impellers. Timing gears are cut from solid blanks and generated on the finest precision equipment. Every blower is tested and operated before release, to assure good operating conditon and trouble free service.

  Axial Flow Fan        

Sizes 100 mm - 1800 mm, the special features of this fan is - the air flows parallel to the axis of rotor/impeller. It is used for drying, process, fume / gas exhaust system / elevated temperatures, process cooling & spray booths.

The impellar of axial flow fan is mounted on the motor shaft in a Tubular Casing. It can also be mounted on separate shaft for 'V' belt drive.

The fans are equipped with foot mounted induction motor totally enclosed.

  Dust Collector        

The vane axial cyclone separators are normally known as multi clone dust collectors. Multi clone dust collectors are dependable devices for low pressure drop and high efficiency collection for fine particles. Normally fabricated with cast iron materials will with stand for high temperatures and can work parallel with other filters. Rotary air locks and double flap dampers are used for discharge of dust from multiclone dust collectors. These are commonly used for boiler and incinerator dust collection.

  Ducting For Ventilation        

We design and manufacture ventilation and extraction duct for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. This includes canopies and fans and the use of a wide range of materials.

Fumes, dust and ventilation

Fumes and ventilation

  Scrubbers-(Micro Fog)        

We have developed scrubbers to combat Hazardous Gas. Special features of our scrubber is that Micro fog Particles are created in water / solvent by means of special nozzles. Air / Gas cleaned through this medium. Our efficiency is 99%.

  Combustion Blowers        

High pressure air utilization will need Combustion Blowers, width of fan and inlet outlet sizes will be minimum proportionately. These fans will be driven by either direct motor / motor coupled with shaft / V belt drive. We manufacture these type of fans in M>S., S.S., Aluminium, C.I. Casting PVC fabricated and in special coatings (FRP & Rubber)

Range : 1 / 10 H.P. - 75 H.P. (500 cfm to 600 cfm and 1/2" W.G. Pr. to 50" W.G.Pr.)

Capacity: 500 CFM to 15000 CFM & Pressure: 5"
to 60"W.G.Pr.

  Pressure Vessels        

A pressure vessel is a closed container designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure different from the ambient pressure.

Pressure vessels are used in a variety of applications in both industry and the private sector. They appear in these sectors as industrial compressed air receivers and domestic hot water storage tanks. Other examples of pressure vessels are: mining or oil refineries and petrochemical plants, nuclear reactor vessel, and storage vessels for liquefied gases such as ammonia, chlorine, propane, butane and LPG.

  Dynamic Balancing        


From 1 KG - 1000 KGS.
By most modern sophisticated machine.

  Air Curtains        

An invisible door closed to Files insects, cold and heat but open to human beings and goods. It works as a thermal barrier preventing temperature losses by keeping cool air in and warm air out in summer and vice-versa in winter.

Deepti air curtain has been specially made for pharmaceuticals, laboratories and breweries.

  Bag Filters        

One of the most efficient systems for separation of fine particles or removing solid contaminants from air exhaust gases or recovery of material is the bag filtration. It provides high efficiency.

The dust which is filtered from air / gas collects inside the bag. It is then removed by means of manual / mechanical / electrical / reversed air cleaning.

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